We are our healthiest when we are social. In our no pressure environment, you are invited to join as many or as few activities as you want – there is always something going on if you want to be a part of the action.

There is plenty to do to keep yourself healthy at Walford Sudbury.  Exercise programs tailored for seniors are offered five days per week and there are many opportunities to join activities for health living. Our dedicated care staff are available to assist you as need with activities of daily living, while maintaining your independence at every opportunity. Brain health programs are offered daily and help maintain or improve your memory and other brain functions.

Walford Sudbury residents can choose to use the following amenities as much or as little as they’d like:

Happy couple in living room


Guitar show at Walford Sudbury

Musical entertainment

Two happy residents

Fashion shows

Yoga class

Exercise classes

Tea time

Special speakers and travelogues

24/7 Coffee and Snacks
(with fresh baked goods)

Couple out for a bike ride

Transportation to special events, luncheons, shopping and more

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